Here at Expata Tool Company we specialize in the production and distribution of solid carbide cutting tools. We have been operating since 2009, but with highly experienced staff, we have over 30 years experience in the industry. Being based in Taiwan, when the metal cutting material is stronger, we have been able to develop products that are both more robust and more reliable.

  We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, and we strive to provide improved efficiency for our customers. Moreover, having a product we can stand by has meant great reciprocity of trust in our relationships with customers. We are proud of the relationships we have built, and the value of relationships has become an important keystone of who we are here at Expata.

  All our drills and end mills are made with the highest quality inputs beginning with top quality AK-34 and AK-44 grade German imported solid tungsten carbide. All manufactured by highly qualified and experienced engineers on state of the art 6-axis Swiss made grinding machines. Then finished with an ultra-thin coating (see Information) to significantly reduce wear and friction. The combination provides a product with superior hardness, slickness, and efficiency that just keeps cutting. 


  We are a professional supplier and wholesaler of various types of solid carbide end mills and drills in Taiwan.We are also the sole agent of the ECIO solid carbide end mills the best brand of Taiwan.

We provide innovative products of the excellent value, highest quality and satisfactory service to our customers.It is trusted that our price is reasonable in the market and the quality is certainly guaranteed.

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